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Testing & Data analysis


Purpose-driven organizations owe it to beneficiaries and funders to test that initiatives have the desired impact before full investment. A 2 day test can prevent a year of working on the wrong thing!


I will design the leanest possible test for you to determine if the initiative is on the right path, or whether it needs to be adjusted.


I will also deep dive existing data to understand behavioral trends and drive decisions.


Client W had what looked like a pretty simple challenge at first glance - redesign an online guide to finding affordable internet access for low-income people. 


The client had many concerns about ensuring the guide worked - would people understand the results? Would they trust the site? Would they find the help they needed? - and there were many possible solutions, as well as a lot of passion about which solution was right. 


To answer the questions, I designed an extremely simple observational usability test that took 3 hours to conduct, using a digital prototype. We also defined - as a team - clear metrics of success up front, including: 

  • 90% of customers accurately describe the discounts available to them

  • 90% of customers can self-resolve with the help resources provided


Simply observing real people use the website showed that the first was true - but for the second, while the help provided was very useful, most customers could not FIND the help resources initially! 

A small design tweak solved the problem before coding even started, and headed off what would have been disastrous in production.

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