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When making tough decisions, an outside facilitator can be the key to getting a team unstuck on a passionate or puzzling issue, and feeling they have collectively and objectively identified the “right” direction.


Team D was trying to figure out the best way to take an existing in-person employee curriculum and translate it to a scalable, online version.


The existing curriculum was well-established and wide ranging, and the team agreed that they needed to start “small but impactful” to move online. The challenge was - they couldn’t agree WHICH small but impactful part of the curriculum to start with. 


They engaged me to help them break through the dilemma and arrive at a decision everyone could embrace. 


This engagement had two phases: 

  • Prework: Meeting with key stakeholders to understand the dilemma, constraints the team had to operate under, “what success looked like”, and available evidence, then designing the facilitation accordingly.

  • Facilitation workshop: Over the course of 2 2-hour sessions, we drove quickly to 1) an agreement on what impact was most essential to scale soonest; 2) from that, alignment on which element of the curriculum was most important to get online first.


The team left satisfied that they were on the right track, and excited to develop the first online module.

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