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Fractional leadership


The first stages of a new program, product, or service are always the messiest and the hardest to work through, and it can be hard for staff to pivot from current work. I will engage on the initial execution and get it firmly established prior to handing off to a permanent staff member.

Example 1: Product Leadership

With EdFuel, I engaged to develop the initial product vision and prototype, build internal product capacity, and engage a design and dev team aligned to their values and product needs.

I embedded with the team as a fractional product lead so I could fully represent them with clients and contractors. 

During this time, I: 

  • Conducted deep user research

  • Aligned the team on the problems to solve first and foremost, based in research

  • Defined the user's ideal state and success metrics

  • Led a design sprint to create the first team-aligned prototype

  • Iteratively tested with users

  • Defined the durable product strategy, based in user need, prototype performance, competitive & market analysis, and EdFuel's business model

  • Engaged a design and dev partner to bring the product to life

  • Partnered with design and dev to build, launch, and iterate

Example 2: Strategy & Ops

With Women Innovators, I engaged as the initial Executive Director to implement the strategy & develop the internal capabilities needed for long-term durability. A 3-month pilot was defined with clear objectives and key results to align everyone to goals and success metrics.


During that pilot, I:

  • Clearly defined W.IN’s theory of change and associated impact metrics;

  • Baselined organizational impact metrics & started tracking for all events;

  • Created, launched & analyzed the first community survey, establishing a snapshot of needs, perspectives, and desires across 100 beneficiaries & supporters;

  • Established a 2-year programming roadmap & its associated operational needs;

  • Quantified funding needed to support the roadmap and kicked off fundraising planning;

  • Applied for 3 grants that would fully fund programming for the following year (decision pending at time of writing); 

  • Piloted new internal operational tools such as a PM tool & board member onboarding;

  • Launched marketing initiatives with a community newsletter, agency engagement, and recruitment of a volunteer marketing committee.


This put W.IN on a solid footing to serve its full range of beneficiaries and activate around the theory of change.

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